Other Nut Trees


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Macadamia – Beaumont 

macadamia_nut Hybrid. Originated in Australia. Tree upright, ornamental. New leaves reddish, flowers bright pink, borne on long racemes.
Macadamia nuts have a very hard seed coat enclosed in a green husk that splits open as the nut matures. It holds a creamy white kernel containing up to 80% oil and 4% sugar. When roasted it develops a uniform color and texture. Texture and flavor very good.
Macadamias do best in full sun, although in hot climates partial shade can be beneficial. Windy locations should also be avoided.
Mature macadamia nuts will fall to the ground from late fall to spring. It is best to harvest fallen nuts, since shaking the trees to dislodge the nuts may also bring down immature nuts.
Recommended for home gardens.

Pecan Nuts 

pecan nuts Pecan-nut trees are fast growers and can become very tall. The nut has a high nutritional value because it is rich in protein, vitamins, carbohydrates and nut oil. Grows well in areas with short, cold winters and long, very hot summers. Depending on the area, pecan nuts usually ripen from April to July. As soon as the nut is physiologically ripe, the green husk becomes dry, cracks open and the nut drops out. The nuts can be stored at room temperature for as long as 6 months before they are marketed.


walnut The walnut (Juglandaceae family) is a striking tree that grows to a height of 10 to 20 meters and can have a circumference of 5 to 6 meters. The aromatic, pinnate leaves have a bitter taste. The globular fruit has a green husk (the shuck) and contains a well-known, convoluted, edible kernel (the nut). Pollinated by wind, female flowers develop into a fruit with a green, fleshy husk and a  brown, wrinkled walnut. Full sun.