Pomegranate Trees


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Pomegranate – Wonderful

Wonderful_pomegranate Origin: California.
Bears very large fruit with glossy skin that turns bright red when ripe. The arils are dark red in colour and staining. It is very juicy and of high quality. It has an exceptional, subtle sweet/tart taste with an almost wine-like character.
Type: Sweet-sour, semi-hard seeded.
Ripens: From late March into April (mainly dependent on weather conditions)
Uses: Excellent for eating, juicing and export.
The most planted cultivar in South Africa with more than 60% of all pomegranate orchards consisting of this cultivar.
Fruit has excellent cold storage abilities – up to 3 months in refrigeration.
A heavy bearer and also bears from a very young age.(3 years and older).
Tolerant of moderate frost only. Older, well-established plants will tolerate heavy frost for short periods of time.

Pomegranate Gose

pomegranate-gose Origin: Spain.
Medium to large, round fruit with basic cream skin blushed with pink-red.The arils are attractively light pink-red coloured. They are juicy and sweet.
Type: Sweet, soft seeded.
Ripens: From early March depending on weather conditions.
Uses: Good for eating and juicing.
A  strong growing variety and good bearer.
Has poor cold storage abilities.
Tolerant of moderate frost once established.