Labels & Ties


Stock is limited on our labels and ties. Please phone us on 023 230 0694 or email us on [email protected] to make sure if we have sufficient stock of certain labels and ties that you need.

Easy Ties - Medium, Qty 25

Easi-Tie Rubber Tree Ties expand as your plants grow without the harmful effects of wire or plastic. Each tie is fully UV stabilized for maximum life and will dramatically reduce labour costs involved in fitting to the plant. Perfect for olives, tomatoes, grapes and all varieties of fruit trees, advanced trees, ornamentals and shrubs.

Chain Lock - 12mm / 25mm - Qty 2

This product offers an easily adjusted strap of infinitely variable lengths. A simple twist technique gives you many variations of strong strapping which can be undone and redone just as quickly. The product is UV stabilized making it ideal for outdoor applications. This enables the product to remain incredibly strong and re-usable over a long period of time.

Buckle Tree Ties - Qty 2

Buckle Tree Ties stretch as the tree grows and can be easily adjusted as the tree stem diameter increases. The Buckle Tree Tie includes a collar positioned between the tree and the stake and prevents chafing. The Buckle Tree Tie allows 300% stretch before fracture which prevents damage to young trees.

Twist Tie Roll - 20m

Wire tie for tying up plants.

Self Tie Labels - Qty 50

Used for the easy identification of plants. Made from completely weatherproof vinyl plastic.

T-Labels/Markers - Qty 20

Used for the easy identification of plants, simply push into the soil.

Plastic Plant Labels - 4 inch, 5 inch, 6 inch - Qty 60 (20 of each)

The plastic plant labels are perfect for plant display areas where high visibility is required. These labels are rigid and can be marked with our garden markers which use indelible ink to prevent fading in UV light or damp conditions which would remove standard inks quickly.

Aluminum Labels with Ties - Qty 100

Weatherproof and rustproof. Easy to record dates of planting and feeding of plants by using a permanent marking pen. Copper ties provided.

Stretch Tie Tape - 50m

A (50m long x 12mm wide) roll of high quality ultra resilient tie tape that stretches to 300% its original length without breaking. This stretch accommodates more growth without girdling the plant.

Plant Clips - Qty 100

Sturdy, green / yellow coloured, easy to handle push on plant clips.

Beans / Sweet Pea Net - 2 x 2m

Pea and Bean netting is a plastic plant support netting mesh that allows climbing plants, crops and vegetables to have support while growing.