When to Feed The birds

Jun - 09 2015 | By

wild birds feedingEvery year it becomes harder for wild birds to find food, this is due to the ever increasing urbanization. For this reason, it is important to feed your birds all year round. However, there are some seasons during the year when feeding birds becomes vital for their survival.

Spring and Summer

During these times, it is important to feed your birds because it is during their breeding seasons. There will be more food available for wild birds during the Spring and Summer months, but there will also be double the mouths to feed because of all the new chicks that have hatched. Make sure to feed the birds a wide variety of food, including a Suet Grub, which is a supplementary, high protein feed that is soft enough for the baby birds. Ensure that the feeding areas for the birds are kept clean and that there is fresh water in their drinking bowls. It is important to have a large bird bath, as it is very necessary for birds to bath and clean themselves. As mentioned earlier, Spring and Summer are the bird breeding seasons, not only will it be important to supply the birds with sufficient food, but also with sufficient nesting items, as urbanization has resulted in it being difficult for birds to find enough nesting material.

wild bird feeder

Autumn and Winter

During these times of the year, there are food shortages and birds rely on people to feed them, as it will often determine their survival. High fat and protein feed is necessary for the birds to maintain their energy levels and keep them warm during the frosty nights. Fresh water in their bird baths is very important as there tends to be very little rainfall and birds will have a harder time finding water. Create a good routine with your garden birds, feeding them at about the same time every day so that they will know when to visit your garden.