Wild Bird Products


Stock is limited on our wild bird products. Please phone us on 023 230 0694 or email us on [email protected] to make sure if we have sufficient stock of a certain wild bird product/s that you need.

Garden Bird Food - 1kg / 2.5kg

A selection of bird food for use in bird feeders. Suitable for the attraction of all seed eating birds to the garden.

Nectar feeder - small

Recipe: One part sugar to four parts boiled water. Leave to cool and serve. Remember it is an energy drink for birds and not a full meal. Birds rely on insects and fruit for their main meal.

Nectar feeder - large

Remember: A few drops of food colouring encourages birds to drink as they are attracted to orange and red in plants for pollination etc. The food colouring can be discontinued after the birds have discovered the nectar.

Seed / Suet Bird Feeder House

The roof can be lifted to place the seed or suet ball inside. 3 perches for birds to sit and feed from. Can be hung up or placed on a flat surface.

Terracotta Feeder

Terracotta Suet feeder allows only the smaller birds in to feed. This feeder also makes a fantastic gift. Place seeds / grub balls inside.

Bird Grub Balls - Suet for wild birds - 250g

A high protein high energy meal favored by most birds in the garden. Introducing a variety of food to your garden birds encourages more species visiting your garden. For year round use.

Barrel Nest

To encourage Barbets, Starlings and Sparrows.

Nesting Log

Start hanging your Nesting Logs in winter so the wild birds in your garden become accustomed to the new nests for spring. To encourage Barbets.

Bird Nest Feeder with Grub Ball

Product Code
: BALL101

Nectar Mix - 150g

A high energy drink for the wild birds in your garden. Orange flavour.

Product Code
: BALL082

Double & Mini Bird Fruit Feeder

Product Code

Wood Nesting Box

Product Code
: BAL136

Wooden Seed Feeder

Product Code
: BALL140

Bug Box

A haven for insects. A bug box is a great way to offer lodgings to insects in the garden. It provides shelter to nest or retreat into from the cold. Insects are an important part of conservation, food production, pollination, medicine and ecology.

Nesting Ball

Sparrows are always looking for a place to nest. This Wire Nest can be hung under the eaves of the house or in a tree. Filled with nesting material to encourage nesting.

Suet Ball Feeder

Great feeder designed for four birds to perch all at once to feast on the nutritious suet inside which can hold up to three suet balls at once.

Fruit Feeder

Hang half an orange or an apple to satisfy the fruit eating birds.

Large Combo Feeder

By offering a suet ball and a variety of fruit on this feeder, will encourage a wider variety of birds to your garden.

Teracotta Fruit Feeder

Made from Terracotta and beautifully hand painted. A good feeder to start with, if you are a first time birder, is our stunning hand-made Terracotta Fruit Feeder. You can decide on which fruit you want to use. Attract a variety of beautiful fruit eaters with this excellent feeder.

Mayfair Double Feeder

Offers combination and flexibility of multiple seed and nut feeding.

Wild Bird Nectar Feeder Syrup - 300ml

With added vitamins and minerals. Directions: Add 50ml of Nectar Concentrate into your nectar feeder. Fill the feeder with water. Shake well and serve. Refrigerate after opening.

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